Annual Report 2022

Chamber of Digital Commerce

“We were founded for this very moment.” – Perianne Boring, Founder & CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.  

Throughout the Chamber’s eight-year history, the organization has established itself as the leading resource for digital asset and blockchain technology education in Washington and beyond.

The Chamber has earned the credibility to address head-on the serious regulatory and political headwinds our industry now faces. Our efforts have never been more effective. Our purpose has never been clearer, nor the need for our voice more necessary. Indeed, the Chamber of Digital Commerce was founded for this very moment in which our industry finds itself. 

We hope you enjoy reading about our accomplishments in 2022. The Chamber is playing a vital role to ensure our innovative industry and our individual members are fairly and favorably perceived among policymakers, the media and the public, while doing the crucial work of shaping the much needed policies to encourage our industry’s dynamic innovation and growth, and investor protection and trust.

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