The Chamber is Turning 4!

This summer, the Chamber of Digital Commerce turns four as the world’s largest trade association representing more than 200 of the most exciting and inventive companies in the digital asset and blockchain industry. We’re proud of the work we’ve accomplished, the relationships we’ve created, and the overall growth and transformation we’ve seen across the blockchain ecosystem.

In July 2014, when we first opened our doors, the sentiment surrounding bitcoin and blockchain technology was that of fear, anxiety, and skepticism. At the time, few in Washington, D.C. understood the key functions and benefits of blockchain. And it was clear that a strong and unified voice was required to move the industry forward.


The following are 10 top accomplishments since inception:


July 19, 2014: Launched the Chamber of Digital Commerce

The Chamber launched with 15 founding members, becoming the first and only trade association in Washington, DC solely focused on representing the blockchain technology ecosystem. The launch took place just two days after New York issued its controversial “BitLicense” proposal, solidifying the importance of having full-time, policy advocates working with government.


Hosted Congressional Blockchain Education Day

The Chamber has hosted two Congressional “fly-ins” to date where more than 70 Chamber members held meetings with over 100 Congressional offices to share the promise and realities of blockchain technology.

CoinDesk: Mr. Blockchain Goes to Washington


October 22, 2015: Launched the Blockchain Alliance

The Blockchain Alliance is a public-private forum to address public safety concerns about digital currencies and combat criminal activity on the blockchain. The Blockchain Alliance is credited for coordinating with more than 100 law enforcement agencies and training their agents about the blockchain. Many thanks to Chamber Advisory Board member Jason Weinstein for spearheading this initiative.

Reuters: Group formed to help with U.S. digital currency probes

March 3, 2016: Hosted the inaugural DC Blockchain Summit

The Chamber hosted the inaugural DC Blockchain Summit in conjunction with Georgetown University’s Center for Financial Markets and Policy. Since its inception, the Summit has continued to grow its attendance and influence as the industry’s premier policy event in Washington, DC every year for the past 4 years.


March 16, 2016: Testified before the U.S. Congress, resulting in the passage of House Resolution 835

The Chamber’s Chairman, Matthew Roszak, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee in a hearing entitled “Disrupter Series: Digital Currency and Blockchain.” This hearing led to the passage of Res 836, establishing supportive language for blockchain technology in the Congressional Record.

“Whereas blockchain technology with the appropriate protections has the potential to fundamentally change the manner in which trust and security are established in online transactions through various potential applications in sectors including financial services, payments, health care, energy, property management, and intellectual property management….”  : Now, therefore, be it Resolved, 


June 3, 2016: Facilitated blockchain discussions with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen

The Chamber helped organize blockchain training and education for more than 90 central bank heads at the Federal Reserve’s annual meeting with The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The event included an opportunity for Chamber members to hear private remarks from Chair Janet Yellen. Prior to this day, Chair Yellen had never spoken publicly about blockchain and we were the first to receive her thoughts!

Wall Street Journal: Blockchain Technology Gets a Hearing Inside the Fed’s Headquarters


July 7, 2016: Supported North Carolina in the passage of the nation’s first “blockchain-friendly” bill.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s signature on marked a historical moment for state regulation of blockchain technology. The bill’s passage was the result of 16+ months of deliberations between the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks, the General Assembly and the Chamber. The Act updates the state’s existing laws to include a defined “virtual currency” term, and clarifies which activity using virtual currency triggers licensure. The bill ensures virtual currency miners and blockchain software providers, including smart contracts platforms, colored coins, smart property, multi-signature software, and non-hosted, non-custodial wallets, will not require a license.


October 1-5, 2017: Led first-ever Certified Trade Mission Supporting Blockchain

The trade mission included a delegation of 15 Chamber members and was coordinated in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Visiting key stakeholders in the United Arab Emirates, the mission was prompted in part by the “Dubai Blockchain Strategy,” a vision to make Dubai the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020.

Chamber leadership meets with Rashed Al Balooshi, CEO, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange; the Honorable Barbara Leaf, US Ambassador to the UAE; Fatima Al Jaber, Board Member, Al Jaber Group


December 19, 2017: Launched The Foundation of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

The Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that sponsors and supports research and educational activities to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain technologies.

July 31, 2018: Reached 200 Members!

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has proudly retained a 100 percent growth rate every year since inception. Today, we are the largest blockchain trade organization in the world!