Chamber members participating in
Congressional Blockchain Education Day 2019

The Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s first and largest blockchain trade association representing more than 200 member companies, hosted its third Congressional Blockchain Education Day on July 18, 2019. The event coincided with the Chamber’s fifth anniversary, which took place on July 19, 2019.

Congressional Blockchain Education Day is the world’s largest blockchain advocacy event and brought together nearly 120 Chamber members for 70+ meetings educating lawmakers on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Participating industries included financial services, insurance, cyber security, supply chain, transportation, manufacturing, advertising, real estate and health care. Meeting with legislators, the delegation outlined the full potential and significance of blockchain technology. Congressional Blockchain Caucus Co-chairs Tom Emmer, Bill Foster, David Schweikert and Darren Soto provided remarks. 

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“There is always going to be fear when dealing with innovation. Just by you being here it is a big victory. A lot of issues can be solved with blockchain technology.”

Rep. Darren Soto

Co-Chair, Congressional Blockchain Caucus

“Whenever there is a new technology, there always is a double-edged sword. Thank you for engaging with Congress.”

Rep. Bill Foster

Co-Chair, Congressional Blockchain Caucus

“Decentralized technology will allow regulators to have new, better ways to provide consumer protection, track illicit activity and prevent money laundering.”

Guy Hirsch

US Managing Director, eToro

“The Chamber is best to represent the many branches of the blockchain ecosystem…they are the foremost authority of educating Member of Congress like me.”

Rep. Tom Emmer

Co-Chair, Congressional Blockchain Caucus



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