Blockchain can take on a different meaning depending on the industry you’re in or the challenge you’re trying to solve. The “Around the Block: Member Viewpoints” video series takes a look at blockchain and digital assets from the perspective of Chamber of Digital Commerce members.

Around The Block: Member Viewpoints – Dave Schoepfer, Wipfli

Dave Schoepfer, Partner at Wipfli describes their desire to share information with other Chamber of Digital Commerce members and how beneficial it is to their clients, especially in accounting. In this Around the Block: Member Viewpoints, Schoepfer explains the importance of regulation and how it will affect the members of the Chamber and people in the industry worldwide.

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Around The Block: Member Viewpoints – Steven Sprague, Rivetz

In this Around The Block video Rivetz CEO and Co-Founder Steven Sprague describes how blockchain adds value to the internet, what blockchain enables, and its ability to create a trustworthy computing model through smart contracts. Hear Steven’s belief in the future of blockchain and how Rivetz helps to improve the quality of data on blockchain. Learn why this innovative company joined the Chamber and his perspective on the importance of blockchain regulation.

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Around The Block: Member Viewpoints – George Gilder

George Gilder, Founder and President of Gilder Technology Group describes why he believes digital assets and blockchain is as big a disruption as the internet was. In this Around the Block: Member Viewpoints, Gilder explains how blockchain will create the reinvention of money through bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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Around The Block: Member Viewpoints – Dave Uhryniak, Crowe LLP

Dave Uhryniak, Blockchain Competency Leader at Crowe LLP describes his reasons for joining the Chamber and Crowe’s belief that blockchain will transform the way business is conducted. In this Around the Block: Members Viewpoints, Uhryniak describes Crowe’s dedicated innovation practice and the blockchain industry’s emerging products and technology.  

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Around The Block: Member Viewpoints – Stephen Pair, BitPay

Stephen Pair, CEO and Co-founder, BitPay, a blockchain payments platform, explains how the technology is being leveraged to serve e-commerce and B2B companies. In this Around The Block: Member Viewpoints, Stephen shares why the company decided to join the Chamber of Commerce to engage more closely with the regulators impacting the industry, and how the industry has evolved since BitPay’s inception in 2011.

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Around the Block Member Viewpoints: SpaceChain

SpaceChain Foundation’s co-founders Zheng Zuo and Jeff Garzik, together with core strategy advisor Matthew Roszak, share with Paul Brigner, Director of Technology Policy, Chamber of Digital Commerce, about their vision, goals and tech developments.

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