Digital Yuan Patent Strategy: A Collection of Patent Applications Filed by the People’s Bank of China

Digital currencies have captured the attention of technologists, regulators and some of the most powerful institutions and influencers around the world, including central banks, particularly the People’s Bank of China. The PBoC has been building a central bank-controlled digital currency, dubbed Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DC/EP) for many years and is now internally testing the platform. While detailed technology specifications have not been publicly made available, the PBoC has filed more than 80 patent applications on DC/EP.

In the spirit of open source, the Chamber of Digital Commerce has collected, translated, and studied the patent applications in English and is sharing the data freely to allow others to review and analyze this information.

We have also published an industry white paper The Breakthrough Technology of the Decade and How China Is Leading the Way with analysis of key objectives and characteristics of the DC/EP platform.