Businesses are interested in implementing blockchain and revising their business models to employ its use but require more information about its capabilities.

Innovators and entrepreneurs are excited about the prospect of launching startups that focus on or incorporate the use of blockchain technology but do not have all of the resources they need to successfully grow their businesses.


The Chamber works with industry to address the needs of businesses, from large companies to small startups, and publishes white papers and guides to help business leaders understand the benefits of blockchain technology and keep in mind relevant considerations.


Published A Blockchain Innovator’s Guide to IP Strategy, Protecting Innovation and Avoiding Infringement to serve as a resource for industry – offers background information on the subject of intellectual property (IP) law and provides high-level guidance on how these critical questions impact individual innovators, groups of founders, or entities operating in the blockchain space.

The Blockchain Intellectual Property Council hosted a series of webinars that focused on strategies to protect patent and trademark rights and present research related to blockchain patents filed globally.

Published its white paper, “Smart Contracts: Is the Law Ready?,” as a resource on the legal considerations regarding the use of smart contracts in the United States and Spain.

Published its primer on use cases for smart contracts, entitled, “Smart Contracts: 12 Use Cases for Business & Beyond,” to showcase examples of smart contracts technology throughout a range of industries.