The Digital Chamber (TDC) strongly opposes the SEC’s latest lawsuit against Consensys, the creator of the MetaMask crypto wallet. This action, targeting DEX routing and staking services, is another troubling example of the SEC’s overreach. 
DeFi platforms like MetaMask’s Swaps and Staking democratize finance, providing greater autonomy, efficiency, and access to financial services. They empower the unbanked and underbanked, promoting financial inclusion and accessibility. The SEC’s claim against Consensys misinterprets the technology and stifles progress that could benefit millions.
The SEC’s repeated enforcement actions, without clear rules, violate their investor protection mandate and create market uncertainty. With the recent end of Chevron deference, this regulatory ambiguity should not stand. 
We stand with Consensys and the wider community in advocating for fair regulation that fosters innovation, protects investors, and promotes financial inclusion. Enough is enough—it’s time for the SEC to stop attacking the digital asset industry and embrace the future of finance.