First Slide The Parallel virtual event series will explore transformations across the blockchain industry as technology, thinking and beliefs merge, combine and at times collide. NEXT PARALLEL EVENT: OCTOBER 9 @ 1:00 P.M. EST CENTRALIZED   \\   DECENTRALIZED FIAT   \\   CRYPTO ANALOG   \\   DIGITAL Title Sponsor Speakers Yusuf Hussain YUSUF HUSSAIN Gemini Trust Co. Allison McArdle ALISON MCARDLE Fidelity Labs Luis Macias LUIS MACIAS GrainChain Amy Steele AMY STEELE Deloitte & Touche LLP Jonathan Johnson JONATHAN JOHNSON Medici Ventures Chih-We Yi CHIH-WEI YI Deloitte & Touche LLP parallel speakers logo Hear from the industry’s top innovators via virtual keynote presentations and our interactive panel discussions. THE TORTOISE // THE HARE: OCT. 9, 2020 Expo Hall Join live demos with leading blockchain companies, participate through Q&A and learn about the latest innovations from top industry leaders. July Sponsors Series Followers \\ Leaders
Acceptance \\ Adoption
Insight \\ Oversight
Surviving \\ Thriving
The Tortoise \\ The Hare
Decentralized \\ Centralized
Followers \\ Leaders   Comparing Blockchain Innovation in the U.S. and Other Nations
Acceptance \\ Adoption   Measuring Participation and Adoption of Digital Assets
Insight \\ Oversight   Navigating AML Standards Across the Globe
Surviving \\ Thriving   Aligning New Innovations with Evolving Legislation
The Tortoise \\ The Hare   Helping Existing Systems Thrive with Blockchain and Digital Assets
Decentralized \\ Centralized   Exploring the Convergence of DeFi and Centralized Systems
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The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry.


Advancing a comprehensive, coordinated, pro-growth approach to developing blockchain technologies globally.


To promote the acceptance and use of blockchain technologies and digital assets, across all industries.

Blockchain technology offers immense opportunities for business, government, and scalability and transparency. In partnership with more than 200 member organizations, we educate, advocate, and work closely with policymakers, regulators, and industry to create a more inclusive business environment that will incentivize innovation and investment in blockchain technology. Its ability to improve processes, increase cost-efficiency, and promote transparency in numerous industries is transforming the ways in which we do business.

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Our Top Priorities


Education and Advocacy

Our dedicated team of blockchain technology experts are a go-to resource to policymakers. It is imperative that governments understand the full potential and benefits of blockchain technology and there is still much education needed in this regard. We are active on legislative and regulatory matters that impact the growth of the ecosystem. Check out the policy page to learn more about our advocacy priorities.



Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention

We are committed to helping law enforcement fight money laundering, terrorist financing and other crimes without impeding innovation. We actively work to inform law enforcement of the advantages blockchain brings to track illicit activity. We engage with Congress to ensure legislation appropriately tackles these issues. We also coordinate industry to develop systems to create even more effective compliance solutions.



Regulatory Clarity for Digital Tokens

The Token Alliance is the largest and most active working group of the Chamber. The use of tokens in blockchain platforms has proliferated to encompass a wide range of uses. How these tokens are classified greatly impacts their regulatory treatment and use. The blockchain industry needs more clarity on the treatment of digital tokens in numerous areas, ranging from securities to tax laws. We have developed a series of educational resources and are actively engaging with policymakers to craft solutions to help propel the industry forward.

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