The Chamber of Digital Commerce is launching a new educational “Know Your Crypto” campaign to build policymaker’s and consumers’ knowledge of cryptocurrency, digital assets, blockchain technology, and these technologies’ potential for financial markets and the real-world economy. The campaign includes a variety of resources, including one-pagers, webinars, and videos.

The primary goals of “Know Your Crypto” are to provide policymakers with greater insights on blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and digital assets as they put in place effective policies that support the responsible adoption and use of these technologies. At the same the education effort will empower consumers and investors with a greater understanding of the technologies and confidence in how they can utilize the technologies in their everyday lives. 

“Know Your Crypto is an essential educational initiative that will ensure policymakers have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about the rapidly-evolving digital asset ecosystem,” said Perianne Boring, Founder & CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. “Similarly, this campaign will encourage a more engaged and informed consumer who can link their personal financial goals to the policies that affect them.”  

The “Know Your Crypto” campaign is launching at a crucial moment  given the current, unclear regulatory environment for cryptocurrency and digital assets. Many policymakers and consumers are still unfamiliar with the fundamentals of these technologies and the potential benefits and risks they present. 

As well, there is no clear consensus on what policies Congress should set or how digital assets should be regulated by the administrative agencies. By providing education and resources on cryptocurrency, the Chamber is promoting a better understanding of cryptocurrency and its potential impact on financial markets and the economy, ensuring policymakers are crafting effective policies that support innovation and growth in the digital asset industry, while also protecting consumers.  

The educational materials will be posted in a new section on the Chamber’s website and will be used to host briefings with policymakers. Each section of the curriculum will incorporate vignettes featuring the Chamber’s diverse membership and will at a high level cover different crypto and blockchain subjects and categories, including:

  • An introduction covering the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, explaining how they work and their potential benefits and risks. 
  • Videos highlighting the advantages of using cryptocurrency, such as faster and cheaper transactions, greater financial privacy, and the ability to operate in a decentralized manner. 
  • Best practices highlighting potential risks associated with cryptocurrency, such as fraud and scams, volatility of cryptocurrency prices, and lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency market.
  • A “How to Get Started” introduction on how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, create an NFT, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and securely store cryptocurrency. 
  • Key resources providing a list one-pagers, courses, articles, and reports created by the Chamber’s membership.

We believe the “Know Your Crypto” campaign is an important initiative to help policymakers and consumers gain a better understanding of cryptocurrency and its potential impact on the economy. With increased knowledge, policymakers can make informed decisions about cryptocurrency regulation, while consumers can make informed decisions about the responsible adoption and use of this technology.