Regulatory Clarity for Digital Tokens

Led by a team of former regulators, industry experts and lawyers, The Chamber’s Token Alliance serves as the leading policy voice for tokenized networks, apps, and issuers. We champion the power of tokens to revolutionize asset digitization and transfer, ensuring it’s secure, transparent, and efficient. 

Problem We’re Trying to Solve: 

The blockchain world is a maze of innovation, but murky regulations are slowing us down serving as a major impediment to investment and innovation. Digital tokens wear many hats – from investments to platform utilities to payment methods. This multifaceted nature confuses traditional regulators, leaving innovators in a lurch, unsure of which rules to follow. 

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What’s Being Said About Digital Tokens

It’s really important we get this right. If we get policy recommendations that don’t allow for stablecoins to operate as payment system instruments, innovation will be pushed overseas,

Perianne Boring, Chamber of Digital Commerce

“Blockchain-based systems are redefining concepts of ownership, transparency, and financial inclusion. To participate more fully in this rapidly developing global ecosystem, the U.S. government requires a strong action plan for this foundational, generational shift in technology.”

Matthew Roszak, Bloq

“The application of the current federal securities laws to these transactions frustrates the network’s ability to achieve maturity and prevents the transformation of the token sold as a security to a non-security token functioning on the network,”

Hester Peirce, Commissioner, U.S. SEC

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