What’s in a name? A lot, as we’ve learned over the past decade.

We will celebrate 10 years since our founding later this year, and we thought it was time for a refresh of our brand, our outlook, and even our name. It’s time for everything we do to reflect on the moment we are in now and the incredible opportunities we see ahead.  

So, what’s changing?  

As of today, The Chamber of Digital Commerce officially becomes The Digital Chamber, or as we like to say, TDC. Why? Because we are The Digital Chamber – we represent a cross-section of companies, investors, and builders who are creating a thriving ecosystem of digital assets, services, and products in every category imaginable. And we want our name to reflect the breadth and diversity of this industry as it grows.  

Soon, you’ll see our entire new website, reflecting our new look and new brand. Keep an eye out for this in the coming weeks! 

As always, we see our role as the leading convener of experts, driver of innovation, and defender of digital assets across every segment of this thriving industry. 

We are The Digital Chamber (TDC). The true believers, the champions, and the advocates for digital assets. With your help, we look forward to changing the world together for many years to come.