Last week, the Digital Power Network hosted  45 C-Suite digital energy executives  in Washington, D.C. Our mission was to convey a vital message to policymakers:  

Digital Asset Mining is Advancing America’s Energy Security

We met with nearly 40 Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, sharing tangible, real-world examples that underscore how the Bitcoin mining industry is playing a pivotal role in advancing America’s energy security in four significant ways: grid stability, national security, decarbonization and sustainability.     
In making sure that America’s energy is secure, the Digital Power Network is proud to support  House Resolution 238. This resolution signifies the sense of the House of Representatives regarding the importance of Proof-of-Work mining to the United States’ ability to achieve its energy goals and grow its economy. It marks a pivotal moment in how the Federal Government approaches Proof of Work mining—a recognition that it plays a key role in advancing energy security.  

We also hosted a private roundtable on Wednesday, October 25th, where 45 C-Suite executives from the Bitcoin mining and energy sectors gathered to discuss their collaborative efforts in fostering America’s energy security. Together, we identified how Bitcoin mining aligns with energy and national security priorities, while also driving decarbonization and sustainability.  

The Chamber takes great pride in the fact that the Digital Power Network had the opportunity to showcase our pioneering work in the digital energy space to Congress and leading energy companies. 
To all those who attended, the Chamber extends its heartfelt thanks for contributing to an unforgettable event where we made significant strides in advancing the digital asset mining agenda in Congress.