The Chamber of Digital Commerce, representing the world’s leading innovation in digital assets and blockchain technology, has been closely monitoring the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent enforcement action against Kraken. This development is particularly concerning as it represents another instance of the SEC’s aggressive regulatory approach towards the digital asset industry. 

We have consistently emphasized the importance of a balanced and clear regulatory framework that not only protects consumers but also fosters an environment conducive to innovation. The ongoing situation with Kraken further underscores the urgency for Congress to provide legislative clarity that thwarts the overreach and unjust tactics of the SEC.  

“The time is now for Congress to step up and do their job of actually legislating, so entrepreneurs can innovate and continue to make America a premier destination for emerging technologies,” said Cody Carbone, Vice President of Policy. “The pattern of SEC overreach in the digital asset world is unacceptable.” 

We will be monitoring this action closely. The Chamber of Digital Commerce remains committed to advocating for a regulatory landscape that is fair, transparent, and conducive to innovation.