Austin, TX, Monday, April 25, 2023 – The Don’t Mess with Texas Innovation Campaign – founded by Texas Blockchain Council, Chamber of Digital Commerce, and Satoshi Action Fund – will host the Digital Freedom Rally on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 on the Texas State Capitol Lawn. The event aims to promote the use of digital assets like Bitcoin as a means of promoting digital freedom, protecting online privacy, and educating the public and members of the Texas Legislature on the importance of Bitcoin mining in preserving the integrity of the Bitcoin network.

At the rally, expert speakers will discuss the importance of digital freedom and privacy, and how digital assets can play a vital role in protecting these fundamental rights in the state of Texas. 

“The rally is a call to action for individuals who believe in the importance of digital freedom and want to promote innovation in the technology sector,” said Perianne Boring, Founder and CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. “This is a chance to show your support and learn about the benefits of decentralized technologies.”

More than 1,200 advocates from Texas and across the country are scheduled to be in attendance on Tuesday. Singer-songwriter and liberty-activist Tatiana Moroz is also scheduled to perform. The rally is open to the press, and a BBQ lunch will be provided. Details of the event, agenda and list of scheduled speakers is below: 

WHAT: Digital Freedom Rally 

WHEN: Tuesday, April 25, 2023

WHERE: Texas State Capitol Lawn

TIME: 11:00AM – 1:00PM CST

Speakers include: 

  • Texas Senator Tan Parker
  • Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione
  • Texas Rep. Cody Harris 
  • Commissioner Wayne Christian, Railroad Commission of Texas
  • Brad Jones, former CEO of ERCOT

The Don’t Mess With Texas Innovation campaign launched earlier this month to protect the state’s energy grid and oppose anti-competitive legislation in the Texas State legislature that would drastically restrict Bitcoin data centers’ participation in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid balancing programs.

Bitcoin miners in Texas employ more than 22,000 Texans and are a huge economic driver in rural areas. They also bring unique energy capabilities that have worked in partnership with ERCOT to secure and stabilize the power grid. 

“Bitcoin mining companies were able to curtail 50,000 megawatt hours of electricity in July 2022 alone to respond to record heat and energy demand, ensuring that Texans could continue to cool their homes,” said Lee Bratcher, the Founder and President of the Texas Blockchain Council. “No other industry can perform the same service as efficiently or effectively.” 

“Since China ceded its leadership on Bitcoin mining in May of 2021, Texas has become #1 in the world in Bitcoin mining. We are joining together at the Capitol in Austin to ensure Texas and the USA continue to lead on this innovative technology.” Said Dennis Porter, CEO & Co-Founder of Satoshi Action Fund. “The future of our energy systems depend on our ability to allow Bitcoin miners to flourish here in the USA. If we hinder the growth of Bitcoin mining in America, our foreign adversaries can and will overcome our lead on this powerful new technology.” 

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About Satoshi Action Fund 

Satoshi Action Fund is an advocacy organization focused on educating policymakers and regulators on the benefits of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining for the economy, the environment, and the grid.

About Texas Blockchain Council 

The Texas Blockchain Council is an industry association working to make the State of Texas the jurisdiction of choice for Bitcoin, blockchain, and digital asset innovation.

About Chamber of Digital Commerce 

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the blockchain industry’s first and largest association. We are fighting to preserve the United States’ leadership in the digital economy through the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain technology.