Familiarity Breeds Adoption For Digital Asset Marketplace

April 22, 2020

We are always pleased to see our Members team up to introduce innovative solutions to the market and this month was no exception.  We saw the news Chamber Member ErisX joined forces with fellow Chamber Members Fidelity and TradeStation in separate announcements to bring familiarity, liquidity and security to the crypto community.  Fidelity’s announcement focused on institutional investors gaining secure and regulated access to ErisX’s cryptocurrency markets while TradeStation Crypto focused on their retail and individual services to their customers looking at digital assets.

ErisX recently wrote a paper on how familiarity breeds adoption in the crypto market.  The paper discussed the role financial intermediaries play in the digital asset space and their proven track record of understanding the needs of investors.  Financial intermediaries also validate that trading and investing in digital assets is secure, something that cannot be overstated.  With the news this month we thought we would take a look back at that paper and its important points.