Fight Crypto Fraud!

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Criminals believe they can exploit digital assets for illegal activities, such as money laundering and terrorism financing. However, the truth is that their actions leave a trail on the blockchain. Our program helps law enforcement tackle crime by giving them the training they need to use blockchain technology for its intended role: accountability and increased security.


In the fight against cryptocurrency-related crime, we’re providing essential training for law enforcement, intelligence agencies, defense professionals, and policymakers. Crypto has a unique advantage: transactions are permanent on an unalterable ledger. Traceability through on-chain analytics can strengthen law enforcement’s effectiveness. Despite a mere 0.24% of blockchain activity involving illicit actions, digital asset transactions present a unique opportunity to fight criminal activities. Join us in fighting crypto fraud!


Strengthen Blockchain Knowledge: Provide comprehensive training to teach understanding of blockchain technology to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, defense experts, and policymakers.

Inform Policymakers: Equip policymakers with educational resources to make well-informed decisions in shaping legislation and regulations.

Build Collaborative Partnerships: Foster teamwork between the cryptocurrency industry and law enforcement, intelligence, and defense agencies to eliminate misuse of crypto-assets for criminal purposes.


Protection Through Training: Your donation helps law enforcement, intelligence agencies, defense professionals, and policymakers to receive in-depth training on blockchain technology and combating illicit finance.

In-Depth Understanding: Your contribution helps us provide robust educational tools to policymakers, promoting an informed legislative and regulatory environment and balanced decision-making.

A Secure Digital Future: With your donation, you contribute to a safer and more reliable digital asset ecosystem, ensuring a secure environment for all.


Building a responsible and sustainable digital asset ecosystem is our priority. Your support is instrumental in achieving this goal and ensuring a vibrant future for the digital economy. The Chamber of Digital Commerce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your contributions are not only deeply appreciated but also tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Our tax ID number is: 47-4691352. 

Together, we’re creating a more innovative and secure digital landscape. Thank you for your support.