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Any asset, tangible or intangible, can be tokenized (represented in token form), recorded, tracked and traded on a blockchain. This enables many transactions to be faster, cheaper, and more efficient than ever before.


The token landscape is rapidly evolving. Its complexities, the laws and regulations that apply, and the trends, facts and figures behind them are ever-changing. The Token Alliance is an industry-led initiative of the Chamber of Digital Commerce developed to be a key resource for tokenized networks and applications. Comprised of 400+ industry thought leaders, technologists, and innovators, the Token Alliance has developed a series of tools and resources for industry and policymakers to make informed decisions when engaging in the token economy.



The way in which digital tokens operate is complex and can maintain multiple characteristics – from an investment contract, to something necessary for utilizing a digital platform, to a form of payment or exchange. This second edition of “Understanding Digital Tokens” is a follow-on installment to our initial report, and delves even deeper into the overall regulatory and market landscape of the token ecosystem.  View the series below and check for regular updates on the publication of future segments as we roll them out.

Consumer Protection Considerations & Guidelines

Identifies circumstances most likely to result in the application of consumer protection laws to activities involving digital tokens.

Considerations & Guidelines for Securities & Non-Securities Tokens

Describes “securities tokens” with corresponding guidelines related to the legal and regulatory frameworks that apply to them.

Market Overviews and Trends in Token Project Fundraising Events
Presents economic and market trends, facts, and figures from 2013 to the present to better understand the scope of the token evolution.

Guidelines for AML Compliance & Combatting the Financing of Terrorism

Provides an overview of laws in the U.S. aimed at the prevention of money laundering and at combatting the financing of terrorists (“CFT”).

Considerations & Guidelines for Advancing Cybersecurity in the Token Economy

Addresses cybersecurity considerations for public blockchains and explores regulatory considerations from a cybersecurity perspective, addressing the application of both new and existing frameworks

Global Legal Landscapes Governing Digital Tokens

An analysis of legal landscapes governing countries as it relates to the token ecosystem. We will be supplementing our existing legal landscape overviews for digital tokens on a rolling basis with the introduction of additional countries.

United States of America



United Kingdom



The first installment of a comprehensive set of token and ICO guidelines. Under the leadership of former SEC commissioner Paul Atkins and former CFTC Commissioner and Chair James Newsome, the project brings together industry technologists, economists, executives, lawyers and others worldwide within the Token Alliance. The project addresses some of the ideas that are quickly coming into focus for the blockchain industry — including the notion of self-governance for token sponsors and token trading platforms.

Read report overview and Executive Summary.

View the blog post describing the report.  





Dr. Jim Newsome

Founding Partner, Delta Strategy Group
Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (2000 – 2004)
President & CEO, New York Mercantile Exchange (2004 – 2008)

Paul Atkins

CEO, Patomak Global Partners
Commissioner, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (2002 – 2008)
Independent Director & Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, BATS Global
Markets (2012 – 2015)


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