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Proof of Reserves

May 2021
As the digital assets industry has developed, both consumers and institutional investors have relied on large custodians, exchanges, and other intermediaries to custody their assets.  These intermediaries are entrusted with maintaining adequate digital asset reserves to meet customer liabilities (those digital assets the exchange or custodian holds for its customers).

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State Legislator’s Toolkit: Texas Edition

March 2021
As the blockchain industry in Texas continues to grow, policymakers will find this toolkit useful to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and ways it can bring unprecedented economic growth to the State. This edition of the State Legislator’s Toolkit includes insights on how blockchain development will positively impact Texas’ economy, legislative proposals, and an overview of state legislative developments.

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Digital Yuan Patent Strategy: A Collection of Patent Applications Filed by the People’s Bank of China

February 2020
The PBoC has been building a central bank-controlled digital currency, dubbed Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DC/EP) for many years and is now internally testing the platform. The Chamber has collected, translated, and studied the patent applications and is sharing the data freely to allow others to review and analyze this information.

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Compilation: Understanding Digital Tokens Series

February 2020
A compilation of our five publications in the “Understanding Digital Tokens” series covering cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, consumer protection, token fundraising, and securities and non-securities tokens. 

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State Blockchain Report Card

May 2019
New Report Card Measures State Legislative Support for Blockchain Tech

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National Action Plan for Blockchain

February 2019
The Need for Comprehensive, Coordinated, Pro-Growth Approach to Developing Blockchain Technology in the United States

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Legislator's Toolkit for Blockchain Technology

December 2018
A Resource for Legislators to Encourage Blockchain Development

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Smart Contracts: Is the Law Ready?

September 2018
Diving into Smart Contracts

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Understanding Digital Tokens: Market Overviews and Proposed Guidelines for Policymakers and Practitioners

July 2018
An Initial Step Toward Self-Regulation

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Advancing Blockchain Cybersecurity: Technical and Policy Considerations for the Financial Services Industry

March 2018
Published in Conjunction with Microsoft

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A Blockchain Innovator’s Guide to IP Strategy, Protecting Innovation and Avoiding Infringement

March 2018
Prepared by the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council

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Global Regulatory Sandbox Review

November 2017
An overview on the impact, challenges, and benefits of regulatory FinTech sandboxes


Applying Blockchain in Securitization: Opportunities for Reinvention

February 2017
White Paper by Chamber of Digital Commerce and Structured Finance Industry Group

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Blockchain and Financial Inclusion

March 2017
The role blockchain technology can play in accelerating financial inclusion


Smart Contracts: 12 Use Cases for Business & Beyond

December 2016
A Technology, Legal & Regulatory Introduction – Foreword by Nick Szabo

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services & National Institute of Standards and Technology

October 2016
An Executive Report on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services & National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Blockchain Challenge

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