Press Release 


Washington, D.C. – [6/28/24] – Today marks a significant turning point in the regulatory landscape with the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Chevron Deference. Chevron Deference allowed federal agencies considerable leeway in interpreting ambiguous statutes, it being overturned today establishes a new era of regulatory clarity and judicial oversight. 

The Digital Chamber (TDC) welcomes this decision as a monumental step toward fair and transparent regulation in the digital assets space. For years, the industry has grappled with inconsistent and overly broad interpretations by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Congress debates the regulatory treatment of digital assets. The removal of Chevron Deference paves the way for a more balanced and judicially scrutinized approach to regulation. 

“This decision is a game-changer for the crypto industry,” said Cody Carbone, TDC Chief Policy Officer. “It promises a future where regulations are more predictable and grounded in clear legislative intent, rather than shifting interpretations by regulatory agencies and unelected policy leaders.” 

TDC is committed to providing resources and guidance to our members on navigating this new regulatory environment and working with Congress to create legislative clarity.  

We urge all stakeholders in the digital asset ecosystem to stay informed and engaged as we enter this new phase of regulatory oversight. 

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