Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts to Address Innovation, Investment and Policy at the DC Blockchain Summit 2018

Chamber of Digital Commerce’s third-annual event to be held March 7-8, 2018

Washington, D.C., March 7, 2018 – The Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry, today launched its third-annual DC Blockchain Summit in partnership with the Center for Financial Markets and Policy at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. With the dramatic rise in public interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies over the past year, and a climate of uncertainty around the regulatory and policy landscape, this two-day event will help shape the blockchain conversation and define industry priorities for years to come.

The DC Blockchain Summit will stream live from the Chamber’s website starting at 1 pm ET on March 7.

“This year’s Summit is set to be our most impactful yet as the rapidly expanding economic potential of this industry is taking shape,” said Perianne Boring, founder and president, Chamber of Digital Commerce. “We look forward to bringing thought leaders together in Washington to continue to facilitate a dialogue between those at the forefront of this industry, along with the policy makers who have the ability to foster its growth.”

The Summit brings together industry leaders for timely conversations on market trends and developments, including initial coin offerings, trade and investment in cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and legislative and regulatory issues. This year’s speakers and panelists include, among many others:

  • U.S. Representative Tom Emmer, Member, Congressional Blockchain Caucus
  • U.S Representative David Schweikert, Co-Chair, Congressional Blockchain Caucus
  • Commissioner Brian D. Quintenz, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Reena Aggarwal, Director, Center for Financial Markets and Policy, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
  • Perianne Boring, Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Marcel Jemio, Chief Data Architect, U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • John Jacobs, Executive Director, Center for Financial Markets and Policy, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
  • Jack Lee, Managing Partner, HCM Capital, Foxconn Group
  • Matthew Roszak, Co-founder and Chairman, Bloq
  • David Treat, Managing Director, Global Blockchain Lead, Accenture
  • Jihan Wu, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Bitmain

Announcements during the Summit will include:

  • Presentation of the Chamber’s Smart Contract Alliance and State Working Group position on state smart contract legislation.
  • The unveiling of the first white paper written by the Chamber’s Blockchain Intellectual Property Council, “A Blockchain Innovator’s Guide to IP Strategy, Protecting Innovation & Avoiding Infringement.”
  • Microsoft to unveil a white paper, “Advancing Blockchain Cybersecurity: Technical and Policy Considerations for the Financial Services Industry,” written in partnership with the Chamber.

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