Chamber Statement on the DOJ’s Announcement of the Launch of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

October 7, 2021

As crypto continues to mainstream, being accessed by exponentially more users every day, it’s imperative we mitigate the risks from illicit actors. Money laundering and ransomware are not new threats. However, as the use of crypto grows, it will be imperative that collaboration between the public private sector of crypto industry experts, who bring deep expertise in blockchain and transaction analytics, continues, so that we can together build a safer crypto ecosystem that enables the market and technology promises to flourish.

The Chamber’s AML Task Force, made up of both blockchain and former law enforcement experts, has been actively engaging with policy makers to educate on the importance of adequate cyber security and the ongoing role crypto market participants play in thwarting illicit activities and assisting law enforcement in identifying bad actors, tracking transactions, and recovering funds.